Why Choose D F Johnson To Manage My Property

Unsure about who you should trust to look after one of your most valuable asset? Take a look at why you should consider D F Johnson Real Estate…

1) Zero tolerance regarding rental arrears.
The Property Management team at D F Johnson Real Estate pride themselves on having a zero tolerance when it comes to rental arrears. We are dedicated to ensuring that all our tenants are consistently paying their rent on time and that they are also at least one week in advance with their payments at all times. We also have a series of successful preventative measures in place to ensure that if a tenant does fall behind in their rent, then the situation is rectified immediately.

2) Detailed Property Inspections.
Prior to the commencement of a new tenancy, your Property Manager will complete an accurate ingoing condition report (which includes photographs and video footage) to ensure that you will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the tenant. Furthermore, during the tenancy you will be invited to attend any periodical inspections that are a carried out at the property and also provided with a detailed inspection report upon completion of the inspection.

3) An experienced and dedicated team of professionals.
D F Johnson Real Estate boasts a full time Property Management team with a combined 25 years of experience, which is fully qualified to manage all aspects of our landlords needs.

4) A name you can trust.
D F Johnson Real Estate is a highly regarded Real Estate firm, which has been established since 1971. Over the next twenty years, the company enjoyed buoyant growth and has matured to become one of the market leaders in property management in the surrounding areas of Carlingford.

5) Your rental return will be maximized.
Do not think that once your property has been leased that it will be forgotten about! Your property manager will be frequently monitoring the rental market and initiating rental increases when appropriate to ensure that you are receiving the maximum possible rental return for your property.

6) A Full Time, 100% dedicated Leasing Consultant waiting to rent out your property.
Our Property Management team is supported by a full time Leasing Consultant, who is an additional asset that some offices might be doing without. The advantage of having a full time Leasing Consultant on board is that they are able to dedicate their time, to personally to finding the right tenant for your property.

7) Screening tenants
Your prospective tenants will be required to fill out a detailed application form, which will enable us to check their identification, personal/work references, past rental history, employment and salary details and also whether or not they have ever been placed on both of the blacked listed tenancy databases.

8) Timely Communication and Feedback.
You can be assured that as one of our landlords you will be always kept well informed and up to date on all aspects of your investment property.

9) A Huge Time Saver!
All services including periodical inspections, accounting responsibilities, rent collection, arrears management, repairs and maintenance requirements, marketing as well as rent reviews and lease renewals will all be taken care of by your qualified property management team at D F Johnson.

10) Minimal vacancies rates. 
The property management team at D F Johnson Real Estate works hard to ensure that you can expect the lowest possible vacancy rate for your property. We have employed a full time leasing consultant to ensure that we find you the best possible tenant quickly and efficiently.